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Varnish PF-053

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Varnish PF-053 serves as a binding component of enamels (based on glyphtal and pentaphthalic), primers, putty materials, alkyd-carbamide varnish.

Semi-finished alkyd varnish PF-053 is a solution of pentaphthalic resin modified with vegetable oils in volatile organic solvents.


Varnish PF-053 is used as a film-forming agent in the manufacture of glyphthalic and pentaphthalic enamels, primers, putties and in the production of other paints and varnishes.


On its basis, the most common type of paintwork materials is made - pentaphthalic paints and varnishes (enamels, primers, putties), which are characterized by good drying, both at room temperature and during hot drying; The films formed by these materials are distinguished by increased hardness, strength, gloss, resistance to static effects of various liquids, including aggressive ones. Coatings based on PF-053 varnish are used in an open atmosphere and indoors in all climatic zones.


If the viscosity of the varnish increases during storage, it should be diluted to the original conditional viscosity. To dilute the PF-053 varnish, use a mixture of white spirit solvents (nefras C4-155 / 200) or nefras C4-150/200 with orthoxylene in a ratio of 3:2 by volume.

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