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Solvent R-4A

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Solvent R-4A is an organic solvent that is a clear, colorless liquid (in some cases it may have a yellowish tint) without visible suspended particles. It is characterized by a specific odor and high volatility.


R-4A solvent is intended for dilution of paints and varnishes based on chlorinated polyvinyl chloride resins PSH-LS and PSH-LN, vinyl chloride copolymers, epoxy resins and other film-forming substances. Lucky - (XC-76; XC-724); Enamels - (ХВ-16; ХВ-112; ХВ-124; ХВ-125; ХВ-142; ХВ-179; ХВ-518; ХВ-519; ХВ-553; ХВ-714; ХВ-750; ХВ-782 ; XB-1100; XB-785; XB-1120; XB-1149; XB-5169; XC-119; XC-527; XC-710; XC-717; XC-720; XC-724; XC-747; XC -748; XC-759; XC-781; XC-5163; PKhV-29; PKhV-101); Primer - (XB-062; XB-079; XC-010; XC-059; XC-068; XC-077; MS-067); Putty - (ХВ-004; ХВ-005; EP-0020).

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