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Monoethylene Glycol (MEG)

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Monoethylene glycol

Monoethylene glycol is a clear, colorless liquid with a slightly oily consistency. It is odorless and has a sweetish taste.


The scope of application of ethylene glycol (monoethylene glycol) is quite extensive, but as a component of automotive antifreezes and brake fluids it accounts for 60% of its consumption. A mixture of 60% ethylene glycol and 40% water freezes at -45 ° C.

- corrosive, therefore it is used with corrosion inhibitors;
- as a coolant in the form of a solution in cars, in liquid cooling systems for computers;
- in the production of cellophane, polyurethanes and a number of other polymers. This is the second main application;
- as a solvent for dyes;
In organic synthesis: - as a high-temperature solvent;
- to protect the carbonyl group by obtaining 1,3-dioxalane;
- in compositions for anti-icing treatment of windshields and aircraft;
- as a component of the liquid "I" used to prevent flooding of aviation fuels;
- as a cryoprotectant for water absorption, to prevent the formation of methane hydrate, which clogs pipelines during offshore gas production. At ground stations, it is regenerated by drying and removing salts.

Ethylene glycol is the raw material for the production of the explosive nitroglycol.

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