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Solvent grade B TU 2319-003-72021999-2006

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Mode of application:
It is intended for cultivation of oil, nitro-paints and varnishes to a working consistence. Add the solvent to the paintwork material in small portions with stirring until the desired viscosity is obtained.

The company "NPK "Monomer" LLC organized the opportunity to purchase packaged products from a warehouse in the Stavropol Territory. You can make an online order on the website, as well as send a request by e-mail

You can purchase packaged products:

- 0.5 l PET, pack of 20 pieces;

- 0.75 l PET cans;

- 0.9 l PET canister;

- 5 l PET canisters;

- 10 l PET canisters;

- 20 l PET canisters.

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